24 juli 2011

Improved Twilight Imperium layout

What it is
It’s a reworked GUI for the large and complicated board game Twilight Imperium 3rd edition. It will consist of new player sheets and modularized boxes for easy setup and packing and some other modifications.
A new layout for a race sheet, focusing on how technology advancements affect units.
Why it is
My intention is to make a better user experience concerning the overwhelming amount of information and exceptions that occur in the game. Since the play-time lies anywhere between 8-12 hours with 5+ players it is easy to be confused and forgetful when calculating modifiers in the later hours.
 It is also a game that takes a fairly long time to set up and get back into the box. I have a system that works well but with the latest expansion (which nobody thought would come) it has to be redone to accommodate the new units and additions.
A read from left to right Tech tree before shards of the throne expansion.
Journey and Goal
 I intend to put a lot of effort into making this version better looking than just practical. I’m not quite sure how far I will go with details and the artsy aspect but the quality will be better and equally player oriented. It will be a logistical puzzle to find the best configuration that requires the least amount of alterations depending on game setup configuration. Another challenge will be to make the pieces from cheap (ish) materials that will work and how it will all come together.

What I lack
Nothing in this project except some time and a kick in da butt.
Although, at a later date I will try and make a digital version of this game, then I will need some help.

Done so far
Current setup - Individual plastic unit containers, race specific boxes and general compartmentalized stoage units for easy access and setup.
 For V 2.0 - Lots of thinking of deployment of game setup and case design.

 Waiting for inspiration.
Place manuals and race sheets in the middle and it's all packed up
Source material
 Since I do not need help with this I’m not going to make any of this available just yet. There will be more of a progress report on this one.

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